Unique Costume Ideas For Every Occasion!

DIY Guess Who Costume

Deciding on what to wear for any themed party or festive occasion can be an exciting, and at times, an overwhelming task.  A well-thought-out costume has the power to frighten & amaze people, spark up conversations, invoke laughter & compliments, and just generally add more life to the occasion.

This site is dedicated to costumes of all varieties, and contains many original & unique costume ideas, as well as the popular classics too.  From national holidays to birthday parties, you’ll find tons of awesome ideas for any occasion!

Halloween Costume Ideas

3 girls in zombie Halloween costumes

Halloween provides the perfect opportunity for you to dress up as, well, anything you want!  Traditionally, this day has had an association with all things spooky, such as witches, ghouls and zombies.  But each year we are seeing an increasingly diverse & creative range of costumes, from unique costumes for couples to Halloween outfits for dogs!  Another popular choice, especially among the ladies, are sexy costumes.

Unique Costume Ideas For Events & Holidays

Fortunately, ‘All Hallows’ Eve’ isn’t the only time of the year where you get to unleash you inner child and pretend to be someone else for the day.  There are several other holidays and major events throughout the USA each year which encourage this sort of behavior.  Some examples include; Christmas, Fourth of July, St. Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras, Easter, New Years Eve and also Cinco De Maya.

‘Geek’ Convention Costume Ideas

Harley Quinn Costume

As so-called ‘geek culture’ has become more mainstream over the years, as has the explosion of conventions, where huge numbers of enthusiasts adorn themselves in ridiculously detailed costumes resembling their favorite characters.  Each one of these popular conventions generally focus on a specific niche, such as anime, comic books, sci-fi, fantasy, cosplay, gaming, as well as others.  The most prominent of these events would undoubtedly be the hugely successful Comic-Con, where you will witness some of the most unique costume ideas.

Great Themed Party Costume Ideas

80's themed costume party

Every great party needs a theme!  This goes for kids parties, college parties, office parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, housewarming parties, and so on.  Costumes are great ice-breakers and conversation starters, and they have a tendency to create a more relaxed, carefree and festive party atmosphere.  Many themed parties hand out best dressed prizes for those that put in the most effort, so sometimes it pays off to come up with an idea that’s both clever and original!

For All Ages, Shapes, Sizes & Genders

Baby Taco Costume

It doesn’t matter your size, gender or age, as there is surely a costume out there that’s perfect for you.  There are some hilarious costumes designed for pregnant women, which cleverly incorporate the big round belly into the design!  You will find plenty of adorable little outfits for babies, toddlers and young children, as well as adults of all sizes.  Take a look at our costume ideas for plus sized women, who need a costume that is both flattering and comfortable.  You can also find some brilliant ideas for couple, trio and group costume combinations.

Pet Costume Ideas

Dog wearing a Wonder Woman costume

Dress your furriest family member up with these cute & creative costumes for pets.  Whether you decide to create your own original outfit using your DIY skills, or simply purchase one of the many available options at your nearest costume store, you should be able to get some great ideas here.  Doggy disguises are by far the most popular, with many unique costume ideas available for dogs of all sizes.