ABC Party Ideas For Guys

Lets face it, while the girls are usually pretty creative when it comes to thinking up fun & original ideas for DIY costumes, most guys don’t even know where to start.  Here are some ABC party ideas for guys to help get those creative juices flowing!

What is an ABC party?

It’s stands for ‘Anything But Clothes’, and the name says it all.  You must wear anything, as much or as little as you want, but you must not wear clothing.  Some common items include, balloons, trash bags, duct tape, cardboard, foil, flags, lamp shades, newspapers, magazines, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, cards or pool floats.  You could even wear a board game like the dude in this pic… but make sure no one in your house will miss it first.

ABC Party ideas for guys
Image courtesy of Dan Tentler, via Creative Commons license. Some rights reserved.

As you can tell, it’s a great theme for when you have no money as you can easily improvise.  It also explains why it’s so popular among college students!

Even though I mentioned before that you should wear anything but clothes, it’s recommended to at least wear underwear, unless you don’t mind having pictures of your junk circulating through social media.

For some great ABC party ideas for guys, first look around the house.  If you have any stuff laying around in the garage or stored away that you know you’ll probably have more fun with in one night than you will in a lifetime, then use it!  If you have a couple of packs of playing cards, then get some glue and make a card toga or card vest & top hat.

ABC Party ideas for guys

Image courtesy of Dan Tentler, via Creative Commons license. Some rights reserved.

Do you have any packing or beer boxes laying around?  If you’re somewhat creative you can chop them up, get out some spray paint and make yourself into a robot, samurai, superhero or even a transformer.  Or if you’re comfortable in your skin and the weather isn’t too cold you could also get out some body paint and turn yourself into a masterpiece!  You could be one of those blue dudes from avatar, or a ninja turtle with a painted trash can lid on your back.

If you’re too lazy for all that, then just go with the standard sheet toga, bubble wrap, duct tape or beer box attire.

Don’t overthink it!  There are tons of ABC party ideas for guys, but the best thing about this theme is that there’s no bad outfit (unless it includes clothes).

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