The Best Couples Costumes To Wear for Halloween 2016!

Suicide Squad Best Couples Costumes

We’ve come up with an awesome list of some of the best couples costumes for you and your plus-one to wear this Halloween.  Are you looking for something original & unique?  Or how about some amazing cost effective DIY ideas?  Whether you decide on dressing as a terrifying twosome, a famous pair or a sexy set, we’ve got you covered!


Google Maps Cheap Couples Costumes

If splashing out on an expensive costume isn’t your thing, then maybe try taking the DIY route instead.  Not only is this a cheap costume alternative, but you basically have the best chance that no one else will be wearing the same costume!  DIY is also a great option for those creative types who enjoy the process of creating something amazing from useless junk around the home.  SEE MORE IDEAS!


Chucky Scary Couples Halloween Costumes

Halloween wouldn’t be the same without scary costumes.. and the screams that come as a result.  Think blood soaked clothing, gore, gruesome makeup and terrifying masks.  Check out our list of scary couples costumes, that includes zombies, killer clowns and infamous horror movie duos, like Child’s Play’s Chucky & Tiffany.  SEE MORE IDEAS!


Wacky Waver Unique Couples Costumes

Being creative isn’t something that comes naturally to most people.  So it’s no surprise that you see so many people every Halloween wearing the same costume.  On the other hand, you also see a small number of people who somehow manage to come up with the most ridiculously unique costume ideas!  And most of the time, the best couples costumes aren’t complicated or expensive, but just take a little ‘outside of the box’ thinking!  SEE MORE IDEAS!


A couple dressed as Bonnie and Clyde

One popular Halloween party theme is famous couples.  Costume ideas include real life celebrity duos, as well as fictional characters from movies, TV shows, cartoons, games and even ads.  You could also dress up as a pair of well known historical figures, like Bonnie & Clyde or Abe & Mary Todd.  Another cool idea on the list of best couples costumes is to zombify your famous couple;  In other words, dress as your favorite pair of celebs, and then tear the clothes, add gore and some zombie makeup!  SEE MORE IDEAS!

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