Best Female Zombie Costumes To Wear For Halloween 2016

Best Female Zombie Costumes

Lets face it, zombie costumes have been done to death!  While torn clothing, makeup and a splattering of blood are all important elements of a good zombie costume, you’re going to want to take it to the next level!  Some of the best female zombie costumes are a result of ‘zombifying’ other popular Halloween costume ideas.  Take a Disney Princess like Cinderella for example.  Add some rotting flesh, blood, gore, tears in her dress and a pair of white contacts, and you have yourself a pretty original zombie right there!

Pregnant Zombie


Here’s a clever costume idea for pregnant women!  Here’s the concept:  Your unborn baby has been infected by the zombie virus, and is now tearing it’s way out out!  It’s actually more simple that it looks.  First, you’ll need one plastic doll, which you’ll take a sharp pair of scissors to.  Glue the dismembered doll to the surface of your belly, adding some liquid latex to hold in in place.  The latex, combined with tissue paper, is also great for creating the torn flesh look.  Rip the front of your shirt, and last but not least, add plenty of fake blood.  Here’s a video that gives some simple step by step instructions!

Undead Disney Princesses

Best Female Zombie Costumes

Most little girls dream of becoming a Disney princess when they grow up.  While others just want to become soulless, brain dead, flesh eating monsters.  Here you can have the best of both worlds!  Whether you’re Snow White, Ariel, Belle, Cinderella or Jasmine, all you need to do is get the costume, tear it up and add lots of blood!  You can also apply gore, flesh wounds, corpse-like makeup, and even a decapitated Dwarf head!

Girl Scout

Best Female Zombie Costumes

Next time a Girl Scout tells you her cookies are ‘to die for’, it might be a good idea to politely decline the offer.  With this costume idea, you can either buy the Girl Scout costume, or you can try and recreate it by wearing a green dress over a collared shirt, along with a red tie, hat and DIY sash!  You can also carry around a blood stained box of cookies, or any other prop you see fit.

1950’s Housewife

Best Female Zombie Costumes

For this costume you’ll need an old fashioned plaid dress, a white apron, heels and a headband.  You’ll probably also need a 1950’s wig, unless you already have a hairstyle that’s similar.  When it comes to creating the best female zombie costumes, the more gore the better!  So, one awesome idea that’s easy to implement is to create disemboweled intestines spilling out from your apron!

Zombie Bride

Best Female Zombie Costumes

It only takes one virus infected wedding guest to ruin your big day.  Now, I’m not going to suggest you take out your old wedding dress, tear it up and drench it in fake blood… unless you’re divorced and looking for closure!  Instead I’d recommend checking out your nearest thrift store, or finding an affordable dress on Amazon.  You can also get a cheap veil here!  It’s also a great couples costume idea, as you can both dress as a zombie bride & groom!  If you want to get the dress just right, check out this tutorial!

Prom Queen

Best Female Zombie Costumes

In this picture, Leona Lewis shows us how pull of one of the best female zombie costumes!  For the Zombie Prom Queen, you’ll either need an old prom dress, or a prom queen costume.  You’ll also need a sash, tiara and a varsity jacket to drape over your shoulders.  Add a nice splattering of blood, a pair of contact lenses and some festering wounds for good measure!

Decaying Dorothy

Best Female Zombie Costumes

They told sweet little Dorothy to follow the Yellow Brick Road, but she didn’t listen.  Now she’s a flesh eating, walking corpse!  You’ll need a Dorothy costume, picnic basket and a little dog too!  Tie your hair in pigtails and rip, splatter & smear blood anywhere you please.

Rosie The Riveter

Best Female Zombie Costumes

This is definitely one of the best female zombie costumes – an undead ‘Rosie the Riveter’ from the famous “We Can Do It” posters!  Rosie wears a blue factory worker shirt and a red polka dot bandana.  But you can also buy the Rosie costume!  When adding the blood and gore, be sure to pay attention to the right bicep that Rosie exposes while striking her pose.  You can do this by creating a hideous rotting flesh look, or by having a piece of broken bone protruding from the arm!

Undead Schoolgirl

Best Female Zombie Costumes

Add a terrifying twist to this classic sexy costume idea!  For the schoolgirl costume you’ll need a plaid skirt, white shirt, knee high socks and some pigtails.  You can wear a backpack or some spectacles if you think it’ll add to the look you’re going for.  Finish it off with some white contact lenses, fake blood and create some festering wounds using liquid latex and tissue paper!

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