Cheap Couples Costumes That Are Absolutely Genius!

Lightning Strike Cheap Couples Costumes

An amazing Halloween costume shouldn’t have to cost you a small fortune.  In fact, you may notice that some of most creative and memorable costumes require little to no money!  All you need is a clever idea and the right materials.  These cheap couples costumes are a great example of this, and are actually very easy to recreate!

Soap & Loofah

Soap and Loofah Cheap Couples Costumes

Here’s one for all you clean freaks!  The Loofah and Soap duo costume would make an awesome little DIY project for you and your partner.  For the Loofah, you will need some tulle, of any color you prefer.  You will also need some elastic rope.  For instructions on how to put it together see this tutorial!  For the Soap costume, all you really need is a cardboard box.  Paint it white and cut up some large bubble wrap to give the impression of soap suds!

50 Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey Cheap Couples Costumes

First there was the book, then there was the movie, and now comes the costume.  This hilarious take on 50 Shades of Grey is lazy, but also extremely clever!  Ideally the man should wear something smart, like a dress shirt, dress pants & shoes.  While the woman should wear something sexy.  Accessories like a pair of handcuffs or a whip would add a nice touch.  And for the fun part – add as many shades of grey to each outfit as possible, and you have yourself an awesome pair of cheap couples costumes!

Where’s Waldo

Wheres Waldo Cheap Couples Costumes

If you and your partner happen to have a red and white striped top laying around at home, then your Where’s Waldo costumes are 50% complete!  You just need a red and white beanie, round spectacles, some jeans and a cane.  The female plus one might prefer to dress as Wenda instead – in which case just substitute the jeans for a blue skirt, red & white leggings and replace the cane with a red & white umbrella.  For more famous couple ideas click here!

Google Maps

Google Maps Cheap Couples Costumes

It doesn’t get much easier than this!  Google maps is one of those things most people look at every day, but rarely has anyone decided it would make a cool costume.  Until now.  Here’s what you need:  Cardboard, paper, a printer, scissors, glue, tape and a red marker.  Stick the yellow duct tape to your shirt, with the printed street names and bus symbols on top.  Apply the printed alphabet letters onto the cardboard red marker symbols.  And of course, cut out a hole for your face!


Nerds Cheap Couples Costumes

Here’s to taking nerdy costumes to a whole new level.  A couple of nerds, inside a box of nerds!  First you’ll need to find a box that’s big enough to fit you both.  Depending on your artistic ability, you can either paint the image on the box, print it and stick it on, or a combination of both.  Tie some string on for support, and top if off by wearing the nerdiest costume you can find!

Facebook & Twitter

Social Media Cheap Couples Costumes

Here’s a unique costume idea that will only cost you some paper, printer ink and a bit of tape.  The idea is to turn your body into the feed of your favorite social media platform!  For example, include your profile pic, friends list, bio, photos and some funny posts.  This one definitely tops the list of cheap couples costumes!

Bun in the Oven

Bun in the Oven Cheap Couples Costumes

If either you or your partner have a bun in the oven, then this is the costume for you!  The chef costume is easy – just an apron and chefs hat is all you need.  To construct the cardboard box oven, simply paint it, cut out a hole in the front, stick on a handle and add a couple of tin foil dishes as the hot plates.  But here’s the coolest thing – when you paint on the timer, you can paint the months and days until baby’s arrival!

Cat Scratch Post & Kitty Litter Box

Cat Post Cheap Couples Costumes

You and your partner can prove to everyone how obsessed you are with cats this Halloween by dressing as a cat scratch post and kitty litter tray!  The cat scratch post is going to need rope, and lots of it.  The base and top of the post can be constructed from thick cardboard, with a layer of old carpet covering the top surface.  The kitty litter costume doesn’t need much explaining.  But for heavens sake, please clean the tray out first!

Star Wars AT-AT Walker

AT-AT Walker Cheap Couples Costumes

This is the coolest example of a 2 person AT-AT Walker costume.  The body of the walker is essentially an upside down plastic box with 2 holes cut in the top.  Add a neck, head and then spray the thing with metallic silver spray paint.  And don’t forget the details, like the leg joints and etches in the body that really add to the awesomeness of this costume!

Tarzan & Jane

A couple wearing DIY Tarzan and Jane costumes

Tarzan and Jane is a Halloween classic, and perfect for those who don’t mind showing of some skin!  While there are some affordable Tarzan & Jane costumes online, you might want to save even more by taking the DIY route.  In which case you’ll only need some leopard print material and sewing skills.  You could include some cool additions like bead bracelets, body paint or bone necklaces as a final touch to these cheap couples costumes!

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