Large Dog Halloween Costumes That Are Awesome & Original

Large dog horse and jockey costume

Whether you have a Golden Retriever, Rottweiler, Mastiff or any other large breed of canine, these large dog Halloween costumes will be ideal for your favorite 4-legged friend.  Unlike the smaller dog costumes, the variety for heavier hounds allows for much more creativity as they won’t be so weighed down or hindered by the adornments.


Granny Large Dog Halloween Costumes

Another easy DIY costume that you can throw together using old clothes around the house is the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood.  Your pet pooch may not be a Big Bad Wolf, but by throwing on a nightgown, bonnet and a pair of specs, who could really tell the difference?  After all, Little Red couldn’t!


Zebra Large Dog Halloween Costumes

If you’re going for the African safari theme, then you could dress your dog as a zebra!  This will only require a length of zebra-print material, and some DIY magic.  All you need to do is measure, cut and sew the material, then add a tail and pair of ears!  For other large dog Halloween costumes in this niche, you could also try the lion or giraffe.


Scooby Doo Large Dog Halloween Costumes

This particular canine costume idea will only really work if you have a Great Dane, or any other breed of dog that looks like Scooby-Doo.  So you’ve got the dog?  Now all you need is a large blue collar, Scooby-Doo dog tag and some washable paint or charcoal for the spots.  This would make a great addition to a group dressed as the Scooby gang.


Pirate Large Dog Halloween Costumes

There is such a huge selection of large dog Halloween costumes online in the pirate niche, making it a great idea for those who want something quick & easy.  If you decide to take the DIY route, then all you really need is a pirate hat with an elastic band, an old striped T-shirt and some old shorts with zig-zag cuts.

Headless Horseman

Headless Horseman Large Dog Halloween Costumes

This would make a fun project for those who posses the time and skills.  Basically, you’ll turn your lovable hound into the Headless Horseman’s horse!  How you construct the horseman is up to you, but make sure he’s nice and light.  Secure him to a saddle on the back and watch him terrorize the neighbors!  For smaller dogs, I’d recommend buying this Headless Horseman costume.


Robin Large Dog Halloween Costumes

Our dogs really are our sidekicks in life – following our every move, riding alongside us in our car and ready for adventure at every turn!  So how about fixing up a superhero sidekick costume for your dog, and team up as Batman and Robin!  The Robin costume includes an eye mask, top and a cape.

Sir Lancelot

Knight Large Dog Halloween Costumes

Many dogs act as their owners loyal protectors and guardians.  Sort of like a knight!  So why not make it official by knighting him and gearing him up in some leather, armor and his very own sword!  This can be recreated using some DIY magic, or alternatively you could just buy a knight costume.


Dog wearing lion mane costume

Some doggy-disguises have even been used in viral YouTube videos.  One such video features a Golden Retriever with a lion’s mane on his head chasing people through a park.  This is an incredibly simple costume that would work best with a big dog that has a yellow-brown coat, similar to that of a lion.  This is definitely one of the most simple large dog Halloween costumes!


Batman Large Dog Halloween Costumes

Oftentimes, our dogs are our very own heroes.  They protect us from danger, lift us up when we’re feeling down and stay loyal no matter what.  So, how about turning them into a legitimate superhero for a day, like Batman!  This Batman costume is hilarious, as the arms on the front create the illusion that the dog has a human torso.

More Large Dog Halloween Costumes

2 dogs dressed as Darth Vader and Superman

The dog costume niche has exploded, and you can find costumes for just about any famous character or occasion.  But the Superhero & Star Wars categories are definitely 2 of the most popular!  With Star Wars costumes for dogs, you can go with Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Princess Leia or even Yoda for the pint-sized pooches.  Other cool large dog Halloween costumes include; dinosaurs, food items, Ghostbusters, Pokemon, gangsters, rock stars and monsters.

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