Mardi Gras Outfit Ideas

If you’re stuck on what to wear for the coming Carnival celebrations, then these awesome Mardi Gras outfit ideas should help solve that!

The vibrant New Orleans street celebrations that take place over the course of 2 weeks are the scene of dozens of parades and well over 1 million attendees.  While this event is held exclusively in New Orleans, many Mardi Gras parties are also held across the US in homes, bars, restaurants etc.

Mardi Gras outfit ideasImage courtesy of Jim Hobbs, via Creative Commons license. Some rights reserved.

Generally speaking, you can wear whatever you want.  It’s mainly about having fun, losing your inhibitions and breaking from the constraints of conformity.  That’s why ‘loud’ colors, masquerade masks, tutus, flamboyant hats and jester type costumes are commonly worn.

Your costume could be sexy, scary, hilarious, outrageous, or just plain awesome!

Traditional costumes associated with historical figures and characters, typical of the Venetian Lent celebrations, are also worn.  Also, the traditional colors are purple, gold & green, so you can incorporate those if you’d like.  You could go with the classic costumes, or you can gain inspiration from some of the following Mardi Gras outfit ideas!

Mardi Gras outfit ideas
Image courtesy of Skullface Brolly, via Creative Commons license. Some rights reserved.

While Skullcandy face paint and the ‘spooky’ look may be more suited to Day of the Dead, or perhaps even Halloween, you can still pull it off for Mardi Gras!  New Orleans has a history of dark magic, or what’s better known as voodoo, so creepy Mardi Gras outfit ideas are definitely an option.  Of course, you should throw a bit of color in the mix, some sequins and anything else to add that Carnival touch.

And if face paint’s your thing, then why stop there?  Get out the body paint too!  It wouldn’t be strange to see someone walking around the French quarter covered head to toe in elaborate body paint.  Or, like these two below, painted the same color as their favorite TV characters!

Mardi Gras outfit ideasImage courtesy of camille, via Creative Commons license. Some rights reserved.

Many people like to give a nod to the French origins of this celebration by dressing in either classical French costumes, as well-known Frenchmen/women or even fictional French characters.  Some of these might include; The 3 Musketeers, Moulin Rouge showgirls, Joan of Arc, kings, queens and high class dandies.  Napoleon & Georgina would be a good idea for a couples costume.

But like I mentioned before, the are no ‘ideal’ Mardi Gras outfit ideas, it’s all up to you about what you feel comfortable wearing… or not wearing.

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