Sexy Plus Size Womens Halloween Costumes

Poison Ivy Plus Size Womens Halloween Costumes

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood Plus Size Womens Halloween Costumes

Jean Grey

Girl wearing a sexy Dark Pheonix costume

Bavarian Beer Maid

Girl wearing sexy Bavarian barmaid costume

1940’s Pin Up Girl

Pinup Girl Plus Size Womens Halloween Costumes

Little Mermaid

Mermaid Plus Size Womens Halloween Costumes

Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit Plus Size Womens Halloween Costumes


Bunny Plus Size Womens Halloween Costumes

POM Pomegranate Bottle

Pom Plus Size Womens Halloween Costumes

Sexy Witch

Witch Plus Size Womens Halloween Costumes

Belly Dancer

Belly Dancer Plus Size Womens Halloween Costumes

If you’re a confident, full-figured woman looking to put those sexy curves on display this October 31st, then take a look at the following provocative plus size womens Halloween costumes for ideas and help on deciding on what to wear.

These costume ideas are perfect for those of you with a little extra padding as they cleverly accentuate the right curves, keeping it sexy but also flattering. So why not get the attention you deserve while you flaunt what you’ve got in comfort and style!

And it doesn’t matter what size you are, as most of the following plus size womens Halloween costumes are available in all major costume stores and range from XL to 4XL, allowing plenty of choice. You’ll find sexed-up versions of classic Halloween costumes, some risqué originals, as well as smokin’ hot-selling outfits that are popular right now.

One particular costume that works well for larger gals is the buxom Bavarian barmaid. This idea is not only for Oktoberfest celebrations, but perfect for any occasion where the beer is flowing. Drinking from a beer stein has never looked sexier!

Halloween is that time of year where it’s OK to be naughty… even a little evil. And what better way than by becoming a villain for the night! Batman villain Harley Quinn is a really hot character at the moment, and if you have the skills and time, then this wouldn’t be a bad project for those who are able to handcraft a costume.

Keeping with the Batman theme, you may want to consider dressing up as one of the other sassy female villains in the series, such as Poison Ivy. Or slip into a sexy leather cat suit and become Cat Woman! You might even decide you want be one of the ‘good girls’ and get into a Wonder Woman, Bat Girl, Black Widow or Supergirl costume.

There are several racy versions of old classics that make great plus size womens Halloween costumes. You could be a badly behaved schoolgirl or teacher, a seductive witch, a flirtatious mermaid, a naughty nurse or a frisky French maid! Just think of all the occupations and roles with outfits that would make sexy Halloween costumes, then decide which one appeals to you most.

Good girls gone bad is where you take your classic fairy tale characters, and make them a little less G-rated. Whether it be Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood or Alice In Wonderland, there are plenty of these costumes on sale that are suited for more voluptuous body types. This is also a great idea for couples or groups of women who want to keep within the same theme.

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