Scary Couples Halloween Costumes That Are Downright Terrifying!

Zombie Scary Couples Halloween Costumes

You and your partner will surely become the undisputed gruesome-twosome by wearing any of the following scary couples Halloween costumes!  You could take inspiration from some of the many horror classics, like The Shining or The Exorcist.  Or you could douse yourselves in fake blood & gore and go as your favorite slasher or zombie film characters!

Unzipped Zipper Face Masks

Zipper Scary Couples Halloween Costumes

The Unzipped Zipper Face is a gruesome illusion, that even an amateur can pull off!  All you need is a zipper, some liquid latex and fake blood.  You can add makeup to blend the latex into your natural skin tone afterwards if you’d like.  But that’s all there really is to it!  Here’s a cool video tutorial if you want to see how the pros do it.

Zombie Couple

Zombies Scary Couples Halloween Costumes

The Zombie is pretty much a Halloween staple.  Here are the must-haves for a great zombie costume: White zombie contact lenses, pale makeup and some old clothing you won’t mind drenching in fake blood!  With a partner, it’s pretty easy to get creative with this one.  For example, you could dress as undead famous couples, bride & groom, nun & priest, doctor & nurse, and so on.  Of all the scary couples Halloween costumes, the zombie is probably the most versatile.

The Shining Twins

The Shining Scary Couples Halloween Costumes

What’s scarier than those creepy twins from The Shining?  Not much, maybe except for a grown man in a little girls dress!  Nonetheless, this concept is probably best suited for a female pair… or better yet, twins!  All you need are a pair matching blue dresses, white knee high socks and a white ribbon around the waist.  Some blood splattering will add a nice touch too!

Little Red & The Big Bad Wolf

Werewolf Scary Couples Halloween Costumes

Costume ideas that involve the crossover of children’s fairy tails and horror movies are just plain awesome!  Little Red & The Big Bad Werewolf is one such concept.  The wolf costume needs the following: Yellow contact lenses, werewolf fangs, nails, synthetic hair, torn clothes and some makeup.  Little Red needs the Red Riding Hood costume, along with some special effects makeup & blood to create the claw gash marks.

Death Metal Skullface

Skulls Scary Couples Halloween Costumes

If you’re a fan of heavy metal, then these scary couples Halloween costumes are worth checking out!  The skull has long been a symbol of metal music scene, so what better way to use it than to cover your face while dressed as your favorite performer!  All you need is some face paint, and any accessories that might help complete your costume.  While it looks badass, it’s also very affordable.  See here for more cheap couples costumes!

Vampire Couple

Vampires Scary Couples Halloween Costumes

Here’s another Halloween classic – the bloodsucking vampire.  The vampire concept is perfect for those who want a couples costume that’s sexy, while at the same time scary.  Once again, you’re going to need blood… and lots of it.  As well as vampire fangs, red contact lenses and a pair of Gothic style vampire costumes!

Death by Cards

Cards Scary Couples Halloween Costumes

Once you have your face impaled by playing cards, you’ll never complain about a paper cut ever again!  This unique costume idea is actually pretty easy to pull off.  You only need a few playing cards, which you cut to fit the contours of your face.  Apply some liquid latex to give the illusion that they’re stuck, and add fake blood!  You could also insert a pair of cloudy white contacts to create an undead zombie look.

Chucky & Tiffany

Chucky Scary Couples Halloween Costumes

Chucky and Tiffany need no introduction as they are one of the most famous couples in the entire Horror genre.  For Chucky, you’ll need a red wig, striped long sleeve T shirt, blue overalls, and some makeup to recreate his facial scars.  Tiffany wears a white wedding dress, black leather jacket, black choker necklace, black lipstick and makeup.  You can also get Chucky and Tiffany scary couples Halloween costumes on Amazon if you’d rather save yourself the effort!

Evil Clown Duo

Clowns Scary Couples Halloween Costumes

Clowns are terrifying.  So much so that there is even a word for people who have a fear of clowns – coulrophobia.  So what better time of year than Halloween to dress as an evil clown and torment the poor souls!  Giant shoes, baggy pants, large bow ties, suspenders and a brightly colored wig are all classic clown accessories.  With the addition of some evil makeup, sharp teeth, and a splattering of blood, you’ll have a clown costume that will make Stephen King proud!

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