Sexy Couple Halloween Costumes For Exhibitionists!

50 Shades Sexy Couple Costumes

What better way for you and your partner to turn some heads than by slipping into one of these sexy couple Halloween costumes!

Austin Powers & Fem Bot

Austin Powers Sexy Couple Costumes

What happens when everyone’s favorite 60’s swinger, Austin Powers, teams up with a sexy Fem Bot?  You get one shagalicious costume baby!  You can easily recreate Austin’s costume with a bit of DIY magic.  All you need are a pair of thick lense spectacles, fake teeth, male symbol necklace, a wig and an open shirt to expose your glorious rug-like chest hair!  Alternatively you could wear a scarf.  The Fem Bot costume might require a bit more work – or you can buy the full costume here!

Swimsuit Barbie & Ken

Barbie and Ken sexy couple Halloween costumes

Life sized Barbie and Ken Dolls!  To make this costume work, you’re going to need to be in great physical condition.  If you’re lucky enough to have that box checked, then all you really need is a black marker, baby oil and a bright pair of swimsuits to complete these sexy couple Halloween costumes!  Just take the marker and carefully draw around your joints, as shown in the pic.

Tarzan & Jane

A couple wearing DIY Tarzan and Jane costumes

Tarzan and Jane is a Halloween classic, and perfect for those who don’t mind showing of some skin!  While there are some affordable Tarzan & Jane costumes online, you might want to save even more by taking the DIY route.  In which case you’ll only need some leopard print material and sewing skills.  You could include some cool additions like bead bracelets, body paint or bone necklaces to add the final touch!

Ron Burgundy & Veronica Corningstone

Anchorman Sexy Couple Costumes

Here’s another awesome idea for some sexy couple Halloween costumes.  Channel 4’s hottest couple – Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone!  Ron’s costume consists of a robe, underwear, mustache, and depending on your hairstyle, a wig.  Oh, and make sure you carry around a glass of Ron’s favorite beverage, scotch.  Veronica wears a white outfit, similar to this, red lipstick and you may need a blonde wig.

Daken & Miss Sinister

Daken and Miss Sinister Sexy Couple Costumes

Daken is the mutant son of Wolverine, who was once romantically involved with Miss Sinister.  While Daken only has 2 claws, you can just modify a pair of Wolverine claws by removing the middle one.  Then bandage them into your fist.  Use a marker to draw some tribal tattoos and wear a Wolverine mask!  Miss Sinister’s style is dark & sexy.  So a leather corset, gothic makeup, black boots, gloves and dark red lipstick are some must-have additions to this unique costume choice!

Superman & Lois Lane

Superman Sexy Couple Costumes

The Man of Steel and Lois Lane make a pretty sexy couple.  It’s a nice, easy costume idea too, as it won’t require going out and buying a whole lot of stuff.  You’ll just need a Superman T-Shirt for the male counterpart to wear under his unbuttoned shirt.  Lois Lane’s costume will only require the sexiest office attire in your wardrobe.  Spectacles are optional, but add a nice touch!

Pretty Woman Sexy Couple Halloween Costumes

Pretty Woman Sexy Couple Costumes

For this famous duo, the man’s costume is easy.  Richard Gere’s character in the movie is a wealthy high roller, so if you have a nice suit & tie at home, wear that!  You could DIY the Julia Roberts costume using a white tank top, blue miniskirt, black boots and a white wig.  Or you can get the full costume here!

‘Censored’ Nudists

Censored Sexy Couple Costumes

This idea is extremely weather dependent, so if you’re in a cold part of the world you may want to reconsider this one!  It’s also very cost effective, as all you need are some pieces of cardboard, paint and a few safety pins.  Wear some skin colored underwear and fix the signs using the pins.  Talk about keeping it simple!

Pilot & Flight Attendant

Pilot Sexy Couple Costumes

Join the Mile High Club this Halloween by dressing as a flight attendant & pilot!  The Pilot costume can be recreated with a short sleeved white shirt, tie, dark pants, pilot sunglasses, badges and a pilots hat.  Or you can just buy the whole costume.  The sexy flight attendant costume is here!

Adam & Eve

Couple in Adam and Eve costumes

For the Adam and Eve sexy couple Halloween costumes, you’ll need to be prepared to show off a bit of skin as you’ll mainly be covered with plastic vines.  Either wear skin colored underwear, or green to match the vines.  Then top it off with a rubber snake and forbidden fruit!

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