Sexy Mens Halloween Costumes That Will Make Jaws Drop!

Two musclebound men wearing Spartan Halloween costumes

If you want to bare some flesh this Halloween then I’d recommend checking out some of these sexy mens Halloween costumes!  You’ll find some of the classics, like the Fireman and the Spartan Warrior, among others.  There are also a few that don’t require a god-like physic to pull off, such as the James Bond costume.

Sexy Ash

Ash Sexy Mens Halloween Costumes

With the latest Pokemon Go craze sweeping the world, this sexy Ash costume idea couldn’t come at a better time.  Especially for Pokemon fans with an impressive set of abs!  You’re going to need the hat, finger-less gloves and the blue & white shirt.  These can all be bought as a set.  You might also want to carry a Pokeball… and of course, Ash’s trusty companion Pikachu!


Superman Sexy Mens Halloween Costumes

While the Superman costume is a Halloween classic, one great thing about it is that it’s quite versatile.  To be a sexy Man of Steel, you have the option of wearing the skin tight superhero outfit we all know and love.  Alternatively, you could settle for the more cost-effective Clark Kent version.  All you really need is a Superman T-Shirt, worn under an unbuttoned shirt, and a pair of spectacles.  Get your partner to dress as the feisty Lois Lane and you’ll be the sexiest couple in the room!

Spartan Warrior

Spartan Sexy Mens Halloween Costumes

The Spartan warrior costume is a great choice for guys want to show off their well toned physic, while also looking like a badass!  The Spartan costume can be recreated with the right materials and some DIY skills.  Or you could check out some of the many Spartan sexy mens Halloween costumes available online at affordable prices.

Ron Burgundy

Anchorman Sexy Couple Costumes

He’s a ladies man who has plenty of leather-bound books and whose apartment smells of rich mahogany.  Ron Burgundy is one sexy guy!  In the scene where he first meets Veronica he’s wearing an open orange robe and a pair of underwear, while holding a glass of scotch.  And while you might need a wig, the mustache is a must!

Fire Fighter

Fireman Sexy Mens Halloween Costumes

The Fire Fighter is one of those sexy mens Halloween costumes that is really easy to pull off.  It’s also one of the more cost effective!  All you need for the Fire Fighter costume are a pair of yellow or red suspenders, some reflective work pants and the hat!  You can go shirtless, wear a tank top or even a tight fitted T-Shirt underneath.

James Bond

James Bond Sexy Mens Halloween Costumes

James Bond is one of those guys who men want to be, and women want to be with.  He’s charming, confident, exciting and sophisticated.  If you have a tux, or just a suit & bow tie, then your 007 costume is almost complete!  Slick your hair, insert a pocket square, carry a plastic pistol with silencer, and order you martinis shaken, not stirred.


Lumberjack Sexy Mens Halloween Costumes

The Lumber Jack costume is perfect for burly guys with bushy beards!  The outfit simply consists of a plaid shirt, jeans, boots, beanie and a pair of suspenders.  The plaid shirt can be substituted with a singlet, T-Shirt or even no shirt at all.  Oh, and don’t forget to carry the axe as a prop, or you may just be mistaken for a hipster!

Eric Northman

Eric Northman Sexy Mens Halloween Costumes

Vampires are mostly portrayed as mysterious, confident and seductive.  And Eric Northman from True Blood is no exception.  This costume wouldn’t be complete without the leather jacket.  You could wear a black singlet underneath, or could just go shirtless!  For the final touches, add a pendant necklace, a pair of fangs and some colored contact lenses.


Tarzan Sexy Mens Halloween Costumes

Here’s another one of those sexy mens Halloween costumes that would make a great DIY project!  Just buy the material for Tarzan’s loincloth, take a pair of scissors to it and tie it around your waist.  You can also make yourself a spear prop using an old broomstick or post, and wrapping foil around the end to create the tip.  Some final touches to Tarzan’s costume can include, a bone necklace, material wristband, shaggy or dreaded wig or some body paint.

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