Small Dog Halloween Costumes That Are Totally Adorable!

Small dog dressed as Wonderwoman

One of the advantages of having a pint-sized pooch is that small dog Halloween costumes are even cuter than those for large dogs!  There are also plenty of options to choose from, with little outfits for Chihuahuas, Pugs, Shih Tzus, Dachshunds and every other breed of the smaller variety.  Discover some outrageously funny & cute ideas on what to dress your furriest little family member this October 31st!

Yoga Practitioner

French Bulldog in a cute yoga instructor outfit

This is the perfect costume for your health-conscious hound… a yoga outfit for dogs!  It’s really simple too.  All you’ll need is a pink top, headband and a small yoga mat attached to her side.  Also, feel free to recreate the artwork on the dog’s back, as seen in the pic!


Cute dinosaur costume for small dogs

You might also want to consider a dino-disguise for your prehistoric pup.  Next time that neighbor’s cat comes around looking for trouble, he might get more than he bargained for when he confronts an itti-bitty, but fearsome T-Rex waiting in the backyard!  Or perhaps try a dinosaur with a more laid-back attitude, such as a Stegosaurus or Triceratops.

The Pope

Pope Small Dog Halloween Costumes

If you think your special little guy is holier than thou, then what better outfit to put him in than that of the Pope!  This is a super cute costume that includes a hat and robe, with a cross and paw print designs on it.  See other small dog Halloween costumes here!


Superman Small Dog Halloween Costumes

What makes this Superman costume so adorable is how it creates the illusion that your dog has a human torso looking front-on.  It also has a cape that drapes over his back, giving the impression that it’s flowing behind him as he runs!  Check out more superhero dog costume ideas here!

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Small Dog Halloween Costumes

This ‘Hairy Potter’ costume idea would make an excellent DIY project for those with some extra spare time.  You’ll need some black material for the cape, black pipe cleaners for the specs and a yellow & maroon scarf.  You could either knit or buy the scarf.  Alternatively, you could probably buy the whole costume, as well as other small dog Halloween costumes on Amazon!


Minion Small Dog Halloween Costumes

This Minion costume can easily be recreated using old babies clothes and some DIY magic.  Or you can just buy the costume online!  If you want to do it by hand, all you need are a small pair of overalls, a yellow top, yellow hood and a pair of Minion goggles.  You can also buy a set of black doggie shoes to complete the costume!

Rodeo Bull and Rider

Cowboy Small Dog Halloween Costumes

There are a growing number of small dog Halloween costumes that include a rider.  One of the most popular ones is the bull rider/cowboy & saddle.  Some others that use the same clever concept include:  the Headless Horseman, the Jockey, the Knight, Star Wars Bantha Rider, the Princess and many others!

Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner Small Dog Halloween Costumes

Is your little guy a chick magnet?  How about transforming him into Playboy millionaire Hugh Hefner for a day!  All you need to get him is a little red robe, pipe and a collar with HEF written on it.  For the final touches, have a couple of Barbie dolls dressed as Playboy bunnies to keep him company!


Taco Small Dog Halloween Costumes

Combine your favorite food with your favorite four-legged family member, and you have yourself a deliciously adorable pet costume!  This taco outfit not only looks cute, but is comfortable and easy to put on.  Some other awesome food-related costumes for dogs include: sushi, hotdog, hamburger and Tootsie Roll!

Chia Pet

Chia Small Dog Halloween Costumes

This costume idea gives ‘Chia Pet’ a whole new meaning!  Like many other small dog Halloween costumes here, you can easily throw it together with little effort.  To DIY a Chia Pet costume, you’ll need a bunch of aquarium plants, an old dog sweater, orange felt fabric, muslin and a glue gun.  You’ll then need to glue the plants to the sweater.  Finally, create the pot plant legs by applying the felt fabric and muslin!

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