Suit Based Halloween Costumes For Sharp Dressed Men!

Suit Based Halloween Costumes - Reservois Dogs

What’s the point of going out and buying a Halloween costume that you’ll only wear one day in the year, when you have a perfectly good suit and tie at home!  These suit based Halloween costumes include some of your favorite movie and TV characters, such as James Bond and the Blues Brothers.  All you need is a business suit, the right accessories and you have yourself a cheap, but awesome costume!

Ex-Presidents – Point Break

Suit Based Halloween Costumes - Point Break

The early 90’s action classic, Point Break, was centered around a gang of surfers who wore suits and the masks of ex-Presidents to rob banks.  This is a great costume idea for a 4-some, especially if you already have your own suits!  All you’ll need are the masks of Jimmy Carter, Ronald Regan, Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson, and some toy guns.

Jules & Vincent – Pulp Fiction

Suit Based Halloween Costumes - Pulp Fiction

If you’ve ever seen the movie Pulp Fiction, then you’ll know who these famous couple of guys are!  With Jules, you’ll need an afro wig, sideburns and a handlebar mustache.  Vincent’s costume requires a long black wig, ring earrings, and a cigarette for good measure.  Both of these suit based Halloween costumes should be black, with white shirts and black ties.

American Psycho

Suit Based Halloween Costumes - American Psycho

If you want a suit based Halloween costume with a scary twist, then Patrick Bateman from American Psycho just might be your guy!  You’ll need a suit with a light blue collared shirt and a red tie.  You’ll be wearing a transparent raincoat over your suit, which you can splatter with red paint or fake blood.  Make sure to carry around a bloody axe prop so there’s no mistaking who you are!

The Blues Brothers

Suit Based Halloween Costumes - Blues Brothers

Here’s another easy Halloween costume that’s perfect for a couple of guys who both happen to own a black suit and tie.  With the Blues Brothers, you’ll need matching black fedoras and a pair of black shades.  If you want to get more detailed, you can add the finger tattoos, sideburns and carry a harmonica.

Bill Lumbergh from Office Space

Suit Based Halloween Costumes - Bill Lumbergh

Yeeah, if you could just dress up as Bill Lumbergh this Halloween, that’d be great.  To get this costume right you’re going to need a blue business shirt with a white collar, suspenders, and ideally a yellow tie with a circular pattern.  You’ll also need to wear a pair of aviator-style spectacles and carry around an Initech mug, which is available on Amazon.

MIB Suit Based Halloween Costumes

Suit Based Halloween Costumes - Men In Black

Most guys have a black & white suit and tie hanging up in the wardrobe, making these Men In Black suit based Halloween costumes the perfect choice for lazy dudes!  You’ll only need a pair of black shades and couple of futuristic looking toy guns.  You can also buy a cheap replica of the memory erasing Neuralizer used in the movies – which will add the final touch to this affordable costume!

Peewee Herman

Suit Based Halloween Costumes - Peewee Herman

Grey business suits are actually pretty trendy at the moment.  But with just a few slight changes, you can easily throw together a costume similar to that of the not-so-trendy kids TV icon, Peewee Herman!  You will need to wear a red bow tie, some white loafers and a bit of makeup… if you’re man enough.

James Bond

Suit Based Halloween Costumes - James Bond

Do you have a classy tux at home that you’ve been dying to wear again?  Then Halloween is the perfect excuse to dress as your favorite British secret spy.  If you don’t own a tuxedo, that’s okay.  This sexy men’s costume can also work by pairing your black business suite with a black bow tie.  Carry a replica pistol, slick your hair and order your martinis shaken, not stirred.

Clark Kent

Suit Based Halloween Costumes - Clark Kent

Mild mannered reporter Clark Kent spends most of his days in business attire, before he tears it off and becomes Superman!  You can wear any old suit and tie for this one.  Throw on some specs, and wear a Superman T-Shirt underneath.  Loosen the tie and undo the buttons to reveal the ‘S’ symbol, so people don’t assume you’re just a business man on his way home from work!

Forrest Gump

Suit Based Halloween Costumes - Forrest Gump

If you’re tired of same black & white suit based Halloween costumes, then Forrest Gump might be the guy your looking for.  First, you’ll need a cream colored suit.  You can also wear a blue & white plaid shirt, some dirty sneakers and a Bubba Gump cap.  Oh, and don’t forget the box of chocolates!

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