Unique Couples Costumes – Ideas That Are ‘Outside of the Box’

Unique Couples Costumes

While some of the most unique couples costumes are a result of hours of brainstorming and some DIY magic, this doesn’t mean you need to be a crafts expert to create a Halloween costume that’s both original & awesome.

Many great costume ideas have been inspired by relatively mundane items, and thrown together using stuff that’s just laying around the home.  While others only require the purchase of a few inexpensive items to complete the look.  Check out at the following list for some great ideas!

Starbucks Barista & Frappé Coffee

Starbucks Unique Couples Costumes

This is a relatively cheap costume idea, and perfect for caffeine freaks and Starbucks fanatics.  With the Barista costume, think Hipster!  Black slouchy beanie, black framed prescription glasses, tattoo arm sleeves/wrist bands and a green apron to top it off.  For the Frappé, wear a beige or brown dress, a white feather boa around the neck and a painted cardboard tube as the straw.  With the Starbucks logo, your best bet is to buy a cheap iron on patch from Amazon!

Tooth Fairy & Tooth with Crown

Tooth Fairy Unique Couples Costumes

A match made in Dental Heaven – The Tooth Fairy and the world’s biggest Tooth!  You have the choice of creating the Tooth Fairy costume from scratch, by getting the tiara, wings, dress and wand separately.  Or you can save time by buying the complete Tooth Fairy and Tooth costumes together as a set!

Sharknado Couples Costume

Sharknado Unique Couples Costumes

This is one of those ideas, that at first glance won’t make sense to most people.  But when they get it they’ll think it’s genius!  Inspired by the ridiculous cult horror/comedy Sharknado, the first outfit simply consists of a shark costume.  While the Tornado counterpart is what sets this apart as one of the most unique couples costumes in the list.  Just wrap yourself in any material that creates a messy whirlwind look.  A large roll of Tulle Fabric should do it.

Edward Scizzorhands & Hedge

Edward Scizzorhands Unique Couples Costumes

Anyone who’s seen the movie knows that Edward Scissorhands probably spent more time around plants than he did people.  So what better companion than a man-shaped hedge!  The Edward Scissorhands costume is available on Amazon in both male & female versions.  While the hedge outfit simply involves wrapping yourself in plastic vines, while you wear green clothing of your choice underneath.  For more famous couples ideas, click here!

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

Peanut Butter and Jelly Unique Couples Costumes

Sure, you can have one without the other… but that’s not nearly as satisfying as having them both together!  This fun set contains 2 foam tunics in the shape of bread slices, with peanut butter & jelly printed the front.  Another cool thing about this set is, not only will it save you time having to build a costume from scratch, but also money as you can get it as a 2 for 1!

Hot Sauce – Unique Couples Costumes

Hot Sauce Unique Couples Costumes

What happens when two of the hottest couples get together on Halloween?  You end up with one of the most unique couples costumes ever!  The Cholula bottle features a woman in a white dress surrounded by peppers & chilies.  While the Tapatio costume consists of a sombrero, yellow coat and red tie.  The cardboard bottles will require a bit of DIY handiwork, but would make a great project for those who enjoy that sort of thing.

Car Salesman & Inflatable Wacky Waver

You aren’t a true used car Salesman until you have your own Inflatable Wacky Waving Tube Man!  With the Salesman costume, the tackier the better.  Cheap suits, oversized collars, colorful ties, gold watches & chains, and even a comb over wig adds a nice touch.  The Tube Man costume will require a Kids Play Tunnel, some paint, material for the arms, and a touch of DIY magic!

Bioshock Characters

Bioshock Unique Couples Costumes

The epic Bioshock game series is full of characters that would make unique couples costumes with a scary twist!  The Splicer costume is an easy one – Just wear a Venetian style masquerade mask, some old dress clothes covered in blood, and carry prop weapon.  The Little Sister costume is more of a specialty cosplay item, which can be found online.  But if you happen to have a similar dress, just add a white apron, hair tie, some zombie makeup, and craft your own syringe using a caulking gun!

Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black Unique Couples Costumes

Considering the fact that Orange Is The New Black is a TV show set in a women’s prison, this costume idea is best suited for a female couple.  I’m assuming you haven’t recently broken out of prison, so you’ll probably need to buy a pair of inmate costumes… or even a pair of orange & beige colored scrubs will do the trick!  Wear a white shirt underneath, and maybe add some tattoo sleeves and you’re done!

Lego Bride & Groom

Lego Unique Couples Costumes

Do you and your partner have a passion for Lego, and the creative ability to create 2 full sized Lego costumes?  Well then here’s the perfect Halloween couples outfit idea for you!  You will need lots of cardboard, paint and time… but when you pull it off, you and your plus one will definitely have one of the most unique couples costumes in town!

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